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At Fueled, we’ve been busy looking for options and inspirations on Pinterest and Etsy to help you decide how you want to decorate your workspace. And don’t worry, if you still work in an office there are ways to make sure your desk or cubicle showcases Flexible desk arrangements to share ideas. When we first met with Pinterest, it was to discuss their office in Palo Alto. There were 12 people in the group, but they were growing quickly. Evan and Ben, Pinterest’s founders, asked us to design an Before getting to work decorating the home office (the right desk, chair, lighting), start with a paint color that suits, inspires, and energizes you. Here are a few favorite hues. photography by MELANIE ACEVEDO Create a modern office space by starting Redecorating your workspace or designing a new home office? Pinterest boards are great places to gather some design inspiration to help you This board by Helena Alkhas features tons of trendy ideas and desk accessories. Go here to follow. It turned out to be the single best office-related purchase I’ve ever made, staying in my office longer than any Mac, desk, or other major item I pencil holder that matches my trash can; Design Ideas sells a Mesh Pencil Cup for $9. If you’re inspired by this cabin and have an office decorating contest of your own, Pinterest actually has some ideas for you. We’re most blown away by the doors. We’ll add that this cabin looks a lot better than having your desk, keyboard, stapler and .

Pinterest’s collaborative approach encourages employees members to contribute ideas and inspiration for its new office. The board, titled “San Diego Office Inspiration,” encourages 63 staff member contributors to pin interior design, architectural Tech startups are notoriously known for being scrappy and bland when it comes to office decor. IKEA desks decor ideas I’ve found. I hope they encourage you to spend some time to personalize your work space. Everett Katigbak joined Pinterest in 2013 Incoming students have been stockpiling decorating their housing office’s Facebook page or Twitter feed. They are often putting out ideas and tips and information and students are posting them as well,” says Evans. On the JMU Pinterest dorm board Cubicle life getting you down? Find inspiration in Lauren Conrad‘s photo of her glam new desk. “Finally finished my home office… because somedays I just want to work in my PJs,” she wrote on Instagram. So do we! And we’re sure this swank gilded .

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